week 2: project runway

well, im not surprised mitchell was ONCE again in the bottom two. BUT i did realize last night that i have found my two favorites…

shirin and louise.

love love love you both!

melvin, im kinda sorry to see you go. you were …different but i GOT you, i got what you were saying ( except the whole mother hen thing made me think you should stay away from maternity clothes)

mitchell, you should have gone home….ESPECIALLY as someone who has had maternity wear experience…shame on you.

but then again, you could be nervous. sooo i kinda understand your fail. kinda but not really.

ra’mon…hunny…no. you should know for a fact that curved seams on a round object need to be ON POINT or else you get what you got which was a disaster.

althea…love the dress, but the boob part..c’mon. when you are pregnant you look like you are smuggling cantelopes on sale at the local a&p…so those lil nipple patches…are not going to work. but I LIKE the design..very sleek.

christopher…when you have immunity, you shouldnt relax. but i like your design. i liked it much better when i saw it in macys..a few seasons ago.

Qristyl…that…looked like no effort was put into it at all. you could have tried. really..its nice but..nothing stood out.

epperson. one word: canvas. one more word: no.

i cant really go through all the designers…only the ones that burned my eyes good and bad.

now to what i like to call the game of, is it fibro friendly?

out of all the dresses the following are FF


shirin, project runway, week two winner

shirin's design, project runway week 2 winner

the fabric, the jacket, the color. awesome

the fabric moves, its not itchy, it wont make you want to rip it off . the fact that it had a jacket with a smooth lining. perfect.

as you know, with FMS, you get cold, hot cold hot cold hot so a jacket and or layers is KEYE.


i am so in love with that jacket i want to make one just like it. love love love love it!

and logan’s design

logan's design, project runway week 2

its simple, its modern, its not going to make you which you lived in a muu muu. and the fabric BREATHES. which is highly important.

all in all, im awaiting mitchell to finally drop the ball next week.

let’s see….


Project Runway recap

I have not missed a PR episode since it started.

That said, can you believe some of the horrors that walked down the catwalk last?!?!

i know its the first episode, BUT i was floored.

Letting a model walk half naked is not a fashion DO but a fashion HELL NO.

And having Lindsay LOWhan guest judge! why?

she is not fashionable in any way shape or form. it was pure comedy to watch her there and try to say something constructive and remotely fashion-sane.

One thing i did see straight off the bat is , we have a new ” Ricky” this year, by the name of Johnny.

Johnny, why do you cry when crying isnt even knocking on your door?

Johnny, why did you sent a red tent out with black trim and call it a dress?

Johnny, if in need you are this seasons “Ricky” the least you can do is wear a fun outfit to distract me from you crying.

So im not going to bore you with my thoughts on every dress ( trust me though I have a few opinions)

i will just talk about the lows and the highs and how one with fibromyalgia might get away with wearing a frock like that.

First, the winner…Christopher , well played sir.

I totally love the cut and ruffles, and trust me hunnie you dont need to be a fashion know-it-all to leanr how to sew, because that home girl who was throwing fashion terms left and right …did not rock a dress. sure it was nice, but it wasnt all that. Your dress had a vibe.

see dress here

I will say, i would have liked to see a different color pallette.

is it FMS friendly, no not really, unless it was lined with cotton.then yes.

and now to the semi-losers and loser

semi-loser #1


see his dress here

really…a see through muumuu…..really?

are you serious or were you high? or both?

i saw where you were going with it, and yes, you smocked it too small, but you could have tried to do something else.  it was a muumuu from the 1800s. the color the high neck UGH.

yes the flow of the dress is appealing to a fibromite like myself, but that neckline would KILL ME! not to mention that material did not look like it would feel good on one’s skin.



girl….i knew from previewing your portfolio that you and i would not meet eye to eye.

first off, i have been better dresses at the 2 for 1 store in the bronx.

the color scheme, the choice of material all scream out hoochie mama circa 1990.

see her dress here

half her body look like she had extra skin from a fat removal gone wrong. why all that extra fabric Q..why?

And why not have a rolled hem on the colorful scarf section?

The only thing this dress does have is wearablity  for a fibromite. it flows, its not tight and its a “pretty” concept..i say concept because im still confused by the extra flowliness on the side.

Please, next week …prove me wrong!!!

and now to the grand loser….tahhh dahhh



when i saw you start your project i thought, OMG she is making a honeycomb quilt!

then i realized, no wait,…is that a onsie?

no wait she is making a disco ball?

no wait she is making a foil wrap?

no wait she is making a swimsuit for a mermaid?

i was all over the place into trying to think WHAT could possible come out of that.

i mean…i cant even say i thought i knew where you were going with this. at least with qrystal and mitchell i kinda saw where they were going with it, even though they both took a detour in OH NO town.

but you ari..you are in your own world.

I’m hoping next week the guest judge is more dimensional than lindsey YAWNhan. because she seriously irked the hell out of me and took the fun out of watching.

dear tim gunn,

i love you . yes ..yes i do. ok …carry on

flowers make the world cuter

a few months ago my friend and co-worker k8 asked me to sew her up a bridesmaid dress for a wedding she was going to be in.

i said SURE!

then i heard the color, kelly green or something in that area and the accent color, hot pink.

the thoughts of watermelons came to my head, then i thought..hmmm how ..how can i make this awesome.

first, the material, it was a casual modern wedding, so no heavy materials were needed, originally we thought cotton sateen, but then we went with dupioni silk.

we got a pattern we both agreed on, but then made a sewers worst blunder, cut the fabric 2 sizes too small! YIKES!

ok no panic i thought..i will add side panels, and tweak the dress into a more “mad men” -esq dress.

fine that was settled.

cut, sew, zip…it looked great but, it was a tad too short, like 2 inches and the top of the invisible zipper was well….visable.

OK ..add a bow. and an extra panel hem. CHECK

then i realized…this dress is far too cute to have a plain ole bow.

and i created woven roses on a bed of unfinished silk ( raw edges)

now its perfect and ready to wear for saturdays wedding. 🙂

i lost a friend today

diamond was her name

one of the sweetest dogs anyone could ask for.

she was only 4

but she was sick.

i cant type too much because i will start crying again.

dear diamond,

you were the best daughter i could have ever asked for. im going to miss your hugs when i come home from work, the way would would cuddle with us in bed, the way would would attack the walls when the flashlight was around.

you made my life happier. know that we are going to miss you so so much. and luca is going to miss his play buddy.

im glad you are not suffering anymore, but im sad you had to leave us


mommy, daddy, and luca

should i? could i? would i?

im thinking, maybe to promote the revival of my etsy store, i should have a giveaway…..

i still have tons of hair clips and bags to post. but perhaps i should do some sort of giveaway contest and give a few goodies away.


anyways,  this reminds me of the time i saw this awesome pearl and leather bracelet. it was fierce!

i wanted it, i wanted it , i wanted it.

then i found out it was 70$. *jaw drops to the floor*

are you kidding me!!!

so of course i went home upset i didnt get it but anxious to make my own.

i took a few faux pearls i had gotten for some craft project i never started, yellow shoe lace, and purple thread ( yes i know i could have used yellow but i was in a sewing frenzy and i wanted to prove to myself i could make it..lol)

it took me less than an hour, but this is the final outcome

i like it alot actually, and even though its not the one in the store, it saved me 60 bucks.

sewn away

yesterday i spent most of the day resting, and the rest of the day sewing.

I made a few hair clips, all from upcycled materials, all hand sewn, all made with love.

in 4 hours, i made 4 hair clips.

drank two vitamin waters, chewed 5 pieces of gum, hugged my dogs twice, debated taking a nap and photo’d packed and set up my hair clips.

i should make more today, but its like a gazillion degrees outside. and the idea of being in a sewing room with only a fan…is not for me.


i could sleep for days

last night i took 1/4 of a seroquel , and im still feeling the affects from it.

sooooooooooo sleepy

even a weekly visit to my chiropractor didnt wake me up

i feel as though i could sleep until sleep is gone.

i feel very much like a Botero painting today.

round, bloated, tight, dazed.

im wearing a skirt as a dress again ( it fits like a tent dress) and if someone where to ask me if i were prego, i might smack them.

no ppl , im not prego, just fat.

anyways,  im sitting here with one eye open and the other one day daydreaming of sleep.

did i mention its friday?

The Bath by F.Botero